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29 Sep 2014 

EarpieceOnline Gears Up for Hectic Summer time Event Season with the Arrival of New Earpieces

The Company is one of the UK’s Highest Suppliers of High Quality Two way radio Earpieces

EarpieceOnline, a significant provider of two way radio earpieces throughout the United kingdom, has presently added a quantity of new products to its already outstanding stock. Additionally, this company is now offering better prices for the good quality acoustic tube earpieces for those Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Sepura and Motorola MTH radios.

The timing of these new radio earpieces could not be any better; summer season is just round the corner and then the active event season is arising soon. Many companies require the use of a high quality radio earpiece just like the ones that were only just added by EarpieceOnline. From security businesses who are keeping track of outside concert events and other warm-weather events and law enforcement division personnel, to event and club staff across the United kingdom, EarpieceOnline has developed a well-deserved reputation because of its wide selection of earpieces combined with its inexpensive deals and outstanding customer service.

Some of the new products that were recently added to the inventory at EarpieceOnline include a variety of earpieces for that mobile phone style Sl4000 2 way radio. As an example, the D-Ring Covert Motorola SL4000 earpiece is a great quality and comfy earpiece which is reliable and does not infringe into the ear. Featuring an in-line lapel clip PTT with mic, a 45 cm cable, and a clean multi-use piece, the item is ideal for those who might be working at events this summer.

A further new earpiece is a Motorola 2-pin Bone Conductor Earpiece, which incorporates an over-the-ear clip to keep it securely in place. The earpiece also helps to remove outside din and sounds so that speech can be transmitted as plainly as possible, even in deafening environments like clubs and other events.

“This really is much lighter than our previous best selling bone conductor,” a commentary on the company’s web site noted, adding of the fact that unit also comes with a detachable PTT button that operates down the arm.

Anyone who want to discover further about EarpieceOnline is welcome to visit this company’s user-friendly website; there, they can browse through the vast selection of two way radio earpieces and other accessories. Anyone that has questions on any of the products is encouraged to contact the corporation directly and then a welcoming and well-informed staff member will be happy to assist.

EarpieceOnline is a significant supplier to industry and end users for two way radio earpieces and accessories. The company have supported the industry for over 5 years and also have created a reputation of quick and dependable service. For more information, please visit

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20 Jul 2014 

History of the Radio

1920s radiosKDKA in Pittsburgh

KDKA in East Pittsburgh received the first radio license ever issued on October 27, 1920. The next week, on Tuesday November 2, 1920, the station began broadcasting election results from the Harding-Cox presidential race, becoming a pioneer in a brand new technology.

There were only a few thousand receivers at the time, but within a few years the industry was booming. In January 1922, there were only four radio stations. By the end of the year there were 576.


At first, local stations served a local audience. Once NBC and CBS were founded in 1926 and 1927, programming became national, and Americans from coast to coast began to hear the same shows.

People started having "radio parties" where friends gathered to listen to a show. Young people danced to the latest jazz sounds. Preachers broadcast Sunday services, a welcome addition for shut-ins who could not go to church. People even started planning their daily activities around the radio broadcasts of their favorite shows!

Radio Advertising

It wasn't long before radio stations tapped into the advertising market to help with expenses. Entire shows would be "brought to you" by a single company, who often had editorial control over the content of the program. Early corporate-sponsored programs included the variety shows "The Eveready Hour" and "The Voice of Firestone."

In addition to regular shows, people tuned in to hear sporting events, news, weather, political speeches, dinner recipes, and household hints. Special news events, like the Scopes trial, were also quite popular. An estimated 30 million listened to coverage of Charles Lindbergh's return to the US after his transatlantic flight.

Better Sound Quality

By 1924, radios were producing better sound quality than phonographs. Radio stations led the way in presenting classical music the way it was supposed to sound. The radio also increased the popularity of other forms of music like jazz and country.

Intense voices, particularly high sopranos, had a tendency to blow out tubes on radio transmitters. Many singers developed a new soft, gentle style that became known as "crooning," which came across better on the radio.

More Sophisticated Radio Programming

Early radio shows resembled the kinds of acts you would see on the vaudeville stage: musical numbers, short skits, and comedy acts.

By the end of the 1920s, radio stations began to broadcast more sophisticated programs with well developed characters and plots. Westerns, detective shows, soap operas, comedies, children's shows, and romances appeared.

Amos 'n Andy

Radio's first serial program, Amos 'n' Andy, became an instant sensation when it debuted in 1929. A 15 minute episode was broadcast daily. The show centered around two African American characters who were portrayed as the stereotypical "buffoons."

The show became so popular, movie theaters scheduled showings around it, and restaurants started playing it to satisfy their customers.


Daily Life in the United States, 1920-1940 by David E. Kyvig

The 1920s by Kathleen Drowne and Patrick Huber

More articles on the Roaring Twenties:

The Flapper

Art Deco

Silent Films
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19 Jul 2014 

How to Choose the Two Way Radio Headset That Best Fits Your Needs

Now we'll start getting a bit more application specific. Two way radio headsets with a throat microphone can pick up your voice directly through sensors attached to your neck. It can pick up your voice even in very loud environments, as the ambient noise is not recorded at all. This makes them perfect for usage on motorcycles, night clubs and other noisy situations. They are also excellent at picking up very low volume whispers. Pair one of these headsets up with a camo colored two way radio and you're ready for some serious paintballing.

Another rather application specific headset type is the ear-protective headset. They are used in environments where noise levels are so high that they are potentially harmful to a person's hearing, like construction sites and airports. They have headphones which are placed inside hearing protectors, safely covering both ears without obstructing communication. As both of the above types are mostly aimed at professionals, they are a bit more expensive than the usual two way radio headsets. Other types include headsets which can be placed inside safety helmets for construction workers and headsets which can be placed inside motorcycle helmets, as well as some newer and more expensive Bluetooth enabled headsets.

The key to making the right choice of headset for your two way radio is knowing what your needs are and what product can cover them without being overly fancy and expensive.
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19 Jul 2014 


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