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22 Nov 2014 

What features does nintendo 3ds have

I have a Nintendo DS. I suppose its maybe a bit passé by current standards, with the Wii, the PSP and what-have-you out on the market, but for me it picked up where my Gameboy Advance left off, which picked off where my original Gameboy did. It works well, the games are great and the touchscreen works perfectly. It’s smart-looking and feels cool.

So how do you improve on a big selling, popularDS model? Answer: Take a leaf out of Hollywood’s book and embrace digital 3D technology. The Nintendo 3DS is a major new invention in gaming, though time will tell if it will catch on. If the device sells, its promise of using autostereoscopy (which creates a 3D effect without the requirement of nerdy glasses) could potentially revolutionize the way we play video games.

The Nintendo 3DS and its new line of 3D Nintendo games will cast an imposing new challenge to the portable gaming world. Personally, I can’t wait. The DS, already a classy, grown-up take on the Gameboy, played by professionals on lunch break, retirees and Uni students as well as young children, is set once more to lead the charge with its current 3D incarnation.

Another great feature is its backwards compatibility. The old DS Nintendo games you have at home? Don’t worry about them, you’ll still be able to play them on your new Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo’s modern reinvention continues to impress. I’m a poet and I don’t know it!

We could be looking at a brand new innovation in video game technology happening right before our eyes.

This could be as big an idea as taking games out of the arcades and putting them in the home in the first place. It’s potentially that important. The Nintendo 3DS and the latest, coolest line of Nintendo games could be the best ever. Personally, I look forward to seeing how great a game can look on a tiny little device, what else can Nintendo offer its customers besides walking on water? It really could be huge. However, if unsuccessful, the Nintendo 3DS could go down in history as a folly of epic proportions. Suppose the picture quality doesn’t deliver or the graphics aren’t up to much? What happens then? If Nintendo falls on this one, they stand to fall from a very great height indeed. Time, and market forces, will tell.

the source of this piece is here

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21 Nov 2014 

Is the common hard drive one of our most excellent innovations in the world?

We live increasingly virtual lives. As I type this, my external hard drives are home to a library of music, books in PDF form, several movies and my every photo I’ve taken in the last five years.

Once upon a time, floppy discs were adequate enough to store all data, which could be retrieved as and when needed. Now, however, with computers enhancing so much of our daily lives, the storage capacity required is simply too much.

Unless you’re expecting to build an extra wing of your house from CD-Rs, you need external hard drives. If your computer is lagging (by which I mean taking so long to open a document that you can hear it chugging and whirring as it listlessly longs for death during the ten minutes required to perform this simplest of functions) then you should probably buy external hard drives.

The benefits of an external hard drives are numerous. In addition to backing up all your irreplaceable stuff (baby photos, home movies et al) external hard drives will give your computer a new lease of life.

If you have documents you don’t need to see every day (that steamy romance novel you’ve been working on, for example), then external hard drives are for you. You can store your band’s demos on your external hard drives now and recover them years later for nostalgia (or blackmail) purposes. Why not organize your own desktop a little more?
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17 Nov 2014 

GTA V coming this month, the largest title to date

Inside the gritty world of urban street crime, rival gangs and gangsters battle it out for definitive supremacy. Yet, in the digital planet of urban street crime, only one identity reigns supreme: Grand Theft Auto.

Now, with a new instalment planned for September 2013, the series is as brilliant as always. Grand theft auto 5 will include a synthetic world so large that the open worlds of earlier instalments GTA 4, GTA: San Andreas and also Western adventure Red Dead Redemption might all fit comfortably in its boundaries. As if that was not adequate, the virtual world of GTA 5 even has its own ecosystem plus the entire ocean floor may be mapped and explored (if the gamer fancies a bit of a break from killing people, specifically). The level of detail and craftsmanship that Rockstar Games has gone to this time around is simply spectacular.

GTA 5 follows the evil misadventures of three protagonists, each of whom can be operated through the gamer at any time. When you choose a different participant, the screen zooms upwards; 'Google Earth' style and plummets back down toward the site of the preferred ne'er-do-well.

Apart from that, almost every aspect of GTA V has been overhauled. A immensely superior combat system (that includes astounding new aiming and shooting features) joins an entire retooling of even the most simple GTA functions. Do not worry though, they haven't jettisoned the series easy playability or comfortable gameplay, they have just made it better.

For example, at everywhere in the game, now you can 'flip off' passers by (and even your allies). The NPC on the receiving end of this bad manners will answer in a number of different ways, depending on the stipulated individual data and the area they happen to be in.

However, for all those of you vicious tyrants out there, do not despair. Grand theft auto has not turned into a sensitive feely virtual natural world documentary, or some kind of socially aware advisory story about not flipping people off in public. Oh no (far from it, in reality). The Grand theft auto series has continuously been about the dark side of city drama, the grim and gritty reality of life in the mean streets of our world's great urban expansion projects (well, that and running grannies over in Land Rovers, anyway). Grand theft auto V is no different, within the latest instalment, you will find all the blood, guts, gore, carnage and wanton destruction you have come to expect from this franchise. Everything and far, much more...
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11 Nov 2014 

The Dermal Regenerator

A prop oft mentioned and seen in 'Star Trek' from 'The Next Generation' onwards, the dermal regenerator is a wonderful little slice of 24th century medicine.

Usually depicted as a small, handheld device that emits a miniature laser beam, the Regenerator is used to heal minor flesh wounds, fix scars and repair trauma that would otherwise require stitches.

As far as I know, the theoretical underpinnings of this amazing device are never discussed, so I have no idea how it is supposed to work (unlike warp drive, which is powered by a matter/anti matter reaction, just in case you wondered).

Why we want it:

Can you imagine never needing to have stitches or never having to painfully heal up after a nasty run in with a kitchen knife? Moreover, can you imagine a world where serious injuries, 3rd degree burns or facial scars could be treated permanently, in a matter of seconds?

Many painful minor injuries would be rendered completely harmless and hospitals would get through most of their A&E in-patients in a matter of minutes.

When can we expect it?

Dermal regeneration technology is actually not as far away as we might think.

A few years ago, scientists pioneered what they called a 'skin cell gun' as a method for treating burn victims. This little doohickey literally sprays stem cells taken from the victim onto the inflamed skin.

While a skin graft can be prone to infection, take ages to heal and involve a long and agonizing recovery process, the skin cell gun can replicate a successful skin graft in a matter of days, completely removing the need for surgery.

The skin cell gun can be used to treat second-degree burns, as it relies on the body's natural healing abilities and works with existing skin cells. It is, however, not quite at the level of Star Trek's favourite medical tool.

The gun cannot be used to treat third-degree burns, for example, because they strip away both the epidermis and dermis skin levels, leaving the cells nothing to work with. In addition, the gun can only be used on fresh burns.

There are other drawbacks too, leading to the skin cell gun's status as 'not yet approved' by the FDA. Principally, the device is still relatively untested and no one knows what sort of long-term future the repaired skin may have.

On the upside, Jrg C. Gerlach, inventor of this amazing device, has also been able to demonstrate that the newly grown skin cells actually go on to become fully functional in every way, forming epidermis, dermis and even new blood vessels. The new skin also better matches the original pigmentation of the victim.

It is hoped by many in the scientific community that a similar method as that used by the skin cell gun may also one day be used to grow replacement organs for those in need of a transplant.

Star Trek's dermal regenerator may yet be a convenient fiction, but the prototype for it exists in the here and now, with extremely promising results. Will a technology that closely resembles the ones used by Beverly Crusher and her colleagues in the 24th Century be available in the real world one day? It certainly looks likely, I'm happy to say.

Cool Factor: 4/5

Nothing says progress like laser beams that re-grow injured skin in a matter of seconds. Imagine the amount of people who's suffering would simply cease. Here's hoping that we eventually see this device in action (or not, as the case may be, given that I'd probably have to endure a painful injury in order to do so).

you can find more info from this website here

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09 Nov 2014 

We're Going to Have a Smart Television Gathering Tonight!

Yearly on Halloween, my flat is radiant with creepy excitement as I join my protracted-suffering girlfriend (with a little collection of friends) for a night of classic horror movies. The standard suspects all get an outing, (those same ones we've always watched), like the original F.W Murnau 'Nosferatu', 'The Shining', 'Ring' (The Hideo Nakata version, naturally) and others still.

Clutching tightly onto out bowls of snacks or bags of candy, we all gather round and try to get worked up about films we've viewed a billion times previous.

It is a tradition that goes back to my youthful days, when I lived with my parents. In the past, Halloween was a big deal, we'd cover the home with spooky decorations (usually purchased very inexpensively a couple of weeks after the previous year's festivities).

Rubber spiders, cardboard skeletons and this cobwebby kit that just sticks on you (and doesn't go away for months) would adorn both the within and outside of my parents' house. We were fortunate enough to live next door to an American Woman who regularly cooked (and shared) the most effective pumpkin pie I have ever tasted.

We would go 'Trick or Treat-ing' when we were small, not surprisingly, but switched to gathering up for charity as we got older. We collected for Cancer Research, Parkinson's Disease and, in 2001, we raised a nice little amount for those people of 9/11 victims, I'm always happy with that.

In the past; the horror movies would begin early, typically with one of the many, many (many) 'Halloween' sequels. Then, we would upgrade to something else (my cousin and I are very huge fans of Mark Pellington's criminally underrated 2002 movie 'The Mothman Prophecies'). Our neighbour's youngsters would frequently come over for a hotdog and many complimentary candy, so we always had to pause these movies right at the good bits!

Why am I telling you all this? Clearly, mostly I desire to tell you Original Source all this as if I had a Panasonic 32 inch Television, Halloween could be even better for this year and every year thereafter. Yeah, I am selling the thing, but I am doing this in a unique and attractive way, so just do me the favour and carry on to the end.

What's so particular regarding the Panasonic 32 inch Smart tv?, I hear you ask, well, besides having a whopping 32 inch screen (in full 1080P HD, no less), this innovative new Television from market leaders Panasonic includes built-in WiFi, so me and my mates could scare ourselves viewing the Youtube app for 'Ghost Caught on Tape' or such like.

The super-slim design for this telly means that it'd fit easily into my residence, allowing us to boost the evening's celebrations by inviting yet more mates.

To sum up, a spooky Halloween night full of chills, thrills and (unavoidably with my friends) spills, would be so significantly improved by this Television's amazing visuals, crisp, atmospheric noises and also the eye-popping (literally in the case of perennial Samhain fave 'Evil Dead II') rendering of computer graphics, that I just felt compelled to inform you about it here.

More apps than you'll be able to shake an iPad at and more features than you'll be able to shake a DVD box set at (and more article clichs than you'll be able to shake a Halloween-obsessed hack at), make this a heck of a TV to have...On any night of our october.

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